Lemons, fermented, 375ml bottle


Salted fermented lemons for the adventurous Moroccan style dishes you want to make. If too salty just hold the wedge under running cold water to wash away the excess. Sliced finely the fermented lemon imparts great flavour to marinades and food, stuffing, or added to vegetables instead of fresh lemon juice – it has more depth of flavour, and fermentation imparts microbes which are probiotic, and very good for the intestine. Pot- or ovenroasted chicken, pork or lamb will hugely benefit from being rubbed with a lemon wedge, or use little pieces sliced and chopped and added to your sea salt, freshly ground pepper and other herbs and oils before cooking. If you do not rinse the lemon too well, it will provide sufficient saltiness to your dish without the addition of other salt – add to your curry dishes, soups and stews.

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