Pizza bases: sourdough-with-tomato


Made from certified unbleached, stone-ground non-GMO flour, and sourdough, it comes with a mixture of our own organic passata and tomato paste mix – just add more toppings. Hint: Less is more, for instance a combo of two or three of: avo, bacon rolled in spirals, cooked chicken strips, sliced mushrooms, bottled artichoke hearts, spicy cooked mince, olives, peppers, … but don’t hold back on the cheese – use a combo of grated cheddar, with blobs of mozzarella and coarsely crumbed feta as well. Bake in a hot oven for just a few minutes. Family fun is for each to build their their own. TO SHOP THE RANGE CLICK ON ‘BREAD AND BAKED GOODS’

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