Potatoes: heirloom

Heirloom potatoes come in a rich variety of white, purple, yellow and pink colours.

Our recipes for perfect potato wedges: What is particularly pretty when employing the different colours together, is to wash them well, boil until a potato can be pierced through with a thin kebab stick but still firm enough to be lifted clear of the water without falling off.   Allow to cool, then slice into discs or wedges.   Season and dunk into heated oil.   When heated through lift and leave to cool again.   Just before serving refresh wedges by dunking into heated oil once more, test with a fork to establish that the outside is crispy while the inside is soft.   Serve with slices of lemon or other condiments.

Perfect baked potato:   Steam potatoes until fairly well cooked but not falling apart.   You have a choice of peeling them before, or after steaming, or not at all.   I do not peel, I just cook and allow them to cool to drop their glycemic index and because they become easier to handle.   The next step is to crush some garlic, adding a packet of our mixed herbs all finely chopped together. Mix with olive oil and the garlic and melted butter.   When the butter and oil has been well-infused with the flavour of the herbs and garlic, press down a little on your potatoes to make them crack and give them slightly uneven edges.   Brush well with the oil mix all around, and sprinkle with sea salt.   Bake in a hot oven or under the grill until the edges and exposed halves are brown and crispy.   Brush with any remaining oil and herbs and serve.Recipes


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