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We are small-time farmers who believe in the protection of biodiversity and that many small efforts make a big difference to the health of the planet. We are committed to the growing of healthy produce in an organically responsible manner.

What is Heirloom seed?

Heirloom seed is seed that has remained unchanged in its performance for generations. It is unmodified and untampered and will deliver the same results again and again when seed is taken from mature vegetables on our own land. Heirloom seed is gathered from every corner of the globe, from small farmers, backyard gardens and responsible agricultural efforts that do not bow the knee to agro-chemical commercialised farming.

Not everything is successful wherever one wishes to grow it, but the mere action of gathering such seed and spreading it as far and wide as possible is a very important hedge against the loss of ancient food sources and the reduction in biodiversity, and it goes a long way towards the protection of global food security.

What is 'Seasonal Produce'?

Every kind of herb, vegetable and fruit has a season within which it will grow and bear. The fact that we can purchase every kind of produce at any time during the year is testimony to the fact that food is transported over many miles from all over the globe to every corner where someone will buy it, and that it has been developed and modified to withstand the ravages of time and transportation.

Moveover, produce is chemically treated or irradiated in order to halt the natural process of decay so that the shop gets the necessary amount of shelflife out of the so-called fresh produce. Did you know that when produce has been irradiated it is not necessary to state the same on the packaging because there is no apparent harmful residual as a result of the radiation. Ironically however the radiation that kills bacteria and other harmful pathogens also diminish nutritive value.

The result is your produce may look like the original item, and even taste like it, but it will not feed you like the same produce off the land in your own backyard, or if you are supporting a local small farmer like ourselves by buying fresh local produce.

What is 'Organically Grown'?
This term refers to how we condition the soil in which our produce grows. The soil is improved through natural processes like the addition of compost and manure, the planting and digging in of green manure, and the planting of non-food plants which break up the soil and condition it for crops to follow. It also refers to healthy crop rotation, companion planting and the avoidance of pests and diseases through simply making sure that the plants are naturally sufficiently healthy to withstand disease. Chemical fertilisers and the spraying of herbicides, insecticides and pesticides are not entertained under any circumstances.
What is 'Green-Fed or Pastured?

This refers to how we keep our livestock, and more specifically the chickens from which we get the eggs that we sell. When ‘free range’ is mentioned on a label it does not necessarily mean that the animal or bird gets to run on natural soil and eat growing greens, it may simply mean that it is not kept in battery cages and perhaps has some access to the outside for a very limited time during the day.

Our chickens are moved from camp to camp where we irrigate and plant vegetables which are specifically chosen for their palates, and where insects can be found and patches of loose soil for them to scratch in and to naturally rid themselves of parasites.

You can follow our trials, tribulations, successes and failures by following our blog, just google: “adri’s farm blog” and you’re sure to find me there, commenting on chickens, pigs, grandchildren or new exciting veg!

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