Bringing local produce right to your table

We are small-time farmers who believe in the protection of biodiversity and that many small efforts make a big difference to the health of the planet.   We are committed to the growing of healthy produce in an organically responsible manner.

Bringing local produce right to your table

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For superior nutritional benefit and ease of use:

Superior nutritional benefit

Find the following under the category called Convenience Foods.

The mixed salad packs

The mixed salad packs may contain green and red lettuce leaves of different varieties, but added to that are a large number of herbs, kale, sorrel, pak choi, tah tsai, baby spinach in season, also as many as 15+ varieties.  Add to this your own additions of say feta, olives and tomatoes, and you will feel the buzz! The buzz which says wow! That’s good!

The mixed vegetable packs

The mixed vegetable packs typically contain more than 15 varieties of vegetables, up to and often exceeding 20. Steam and just add lemon butter, or add the mixes to stews. Bake and serve with sweet chilli sauce or make a vegetable curry, potjie or soup. The possibilities are endless and every time you indulge, you know you are leaving nothing to chance, you are making sure you get all the nutrition possible from the organic plot, and very soon you will start feeling the difference in vitality, well-being and energy!

The stir fry packs

The stir fry packs likewise contain 15 to 20+ varieties of julienned and finely sliced vegetables. These packs can be stir fried with meat strips or on their own, or be added into stews and soups and I even dig out a handful to add to my already-prolific salad, for the sake of taste and nutritional variety. The stir fry need never twice taste the same, if you would go to the trouble of cooking it fresh each time and being mindful not to overcook, and add a splash of Kikkoman sauce or for extra freshness just stir fry in a little boiling water instead of oil…. If you want a nutritious hot meal in five minutes, the stir fry will give you that! And remember it can be eaten fresh, uncooked, with mayonnaise or an aeoli sauce, or used to make an unusually tasty smoothie. We add fruit and ice cubes when we make the smoothies.

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