Bringing local produce right to your table

We are small-time farmers who believe in the protection of biodiversity and that many small efforts make a big difference to the health of the planet.   We are committed to the growing of healthy produce in an organically responsible manner.

Bringing local produce right to your table


Once you have submitted your order and gone through the checkout procedure, you should be able to revise your order and see your amount due.

Please make your payment via EFT into:

Farm in box
ABSA, Barberton
Savings Acc: 9214583534


Provided your order was submitted by TUESDAY EVENING of any given week your expected delivery date is Thursday of that week.

PLEASE NOTE: We only deliver to White River, Nelspruit and Barberton at present

Kindly make your payments in advance, as you order.


I have been approached on different fronts to teach about what I do.  Yes.  Who’d have thunk?  I am mentally compartmentalising the requests into ‘projects’ and most notably, there is one called KATOEN.

You may have heard of Katoen, it is an informal settlement just outside White River where most of the residents, not all, are white.  I have to admit I was a little sceptical, not thinking they would be interested, but I went to make people’s acquaintance and to ask if I might interest them in growing organic fruit and vegetables for themselves.     Read more…

Thank you for your continued support!

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