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Parcel of 100g comprises all the favourites: Chick peas, Mung beans, Mazoor lentils and for extra flavour, a bit of Mustard, Fenugreek, Daikon radish and mineral rich Clover.

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Sprouts are a healthy snack, adds flavour, texture and nutrition to a sandwich, wonderful in a mixed salad, and in wraps and stir fries. Your side of boiled or mashed potato is greatly improved by adding sprouts and jacket potatoes served with butter and sprouts constitute a whole meal. Sour cream and/or lemon juice are optional extras which lift this simple dish to a whole new level. Sprouts are also a worthy ingredient of a health loaf or muffin baked fresh and served with just butter or as is. TO SHOP THE RANGE CLICK ON ‘CONVENIENCE FOODS’

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