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Pairs incomparably with tomato in salads and sandwiches, great for garnishing and indispensible as the main ingredient of a basil pesto with your favourite pasta dish. Large torn leaves in melted cheese is a hit whether on pizza, on burgers, there is almost no holding back! Rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, C and K, and manganese, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fats. Very important source of iron. Basil can also be used in the treatment of fever and other flu symptoms. Chewing fresh basil leaves offer some relief but to cure a rampant fever try consuming leaves made more tender by blanching in boiling water. Also, basil leaves boiled with powdered or crushed cardomom in a cup of water consumed three times daily, may provide real relief from a severe fever. If you feel colds and flu coming on, try adding lots of fresh basil to your morning smoothie.

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