Free range: Duck


Organic free range duck fed on vegetable matter only, free to hunt own protein. Superior tasting because of real free roaming opportunities. Pastured meat cooks at lower temperature, as well as at least 25% faster than grain fed meat, so take care not to overcook your pastured duck! Salt your duck well a good few hours ahead of roasting. You can lightly oil the duck to ensure that the salt has purchase on the skin. Also add some fresh rosemary or thyme, and ground pepper to flavour the duck naturally. Set oven to 425F or 165C. Roast uncovered for 30 mins, flip over and roast another 30 mins. Baste and cook another 15 minutes if desired. Remove from heat, leave to rest covered for 30mins before carving. Use pan juices to make your gravy. TO SHOP THE RANGE CLICK ON MEAT: FREE RANGE

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